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Sad Sunny Sunday

I woke up very early today but didn’t know what to do!

Yesterday I read about J K Rowling and I realised that she too was a Single Parent and she lived on Society Benefits till she became JK from Joanna.

But in my Country India, there is no such support too and hence many single moms are left helpless 

Serendipity is a beautiful expression and while I was scrolling through my feed I came across the name Transgender activist Shreegauri Sawant popularly known as Gauri Sawant who proudly plays the role of a single mother to Gayatri.

I kept wondering that she too is a single parent and so was JK Rowling, were their journeys easy, No not at all, so should I give up, no I will not yet is it easy, no it is Not.

Every day I find strength for myself and every day I break again, but how far will this continue? This has to stop and it’s not our fault that we are raising our kids alone, we didn’t choose it willingly unless that was the only choice we had.

What rights do we need, we are not asking you to give us special benefits or give us child support, if I could bear the pain of giving birth to a child I can raise my child but all we need is the right to live happily, let us raise our head high and live, stop judging us, you women there you should understand my pain cos we are same we both have a womb to bear a life but why is it that a single mom is always looked down upon by other women as if the only thing that we now seek is to steal their husbands,  Sorry but my reaction F… off, all we need is a friendly place to talk and gather strength to face the world so Stop judging us 


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