The Power of Routine: Why Discipline and Following a Routine Can Transform Your Life.

In our fast-paced and changeable world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose sight of our pretensions. This is where a routine can come in handy. By establishing a diurnal routine, you can produce a sense of structure and stability in your life, which can lead to increased productivity, better health, and less sense of fulfillment. In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of discipline and following a routine and how it can transform your life for the better. It creates a sense of purpose. Having a routine gives you a clear direction and purpose for your day. When you have a set schedule to follow, you know what you need to do and when you need to do it. This can help you stay focused and motivated throughout the day, making it easier to negotiate your expectations. Boosts productivity.

Following a routine can also increase your productivity. When you have a set schedule, you can prioritize your tasks and allocate time for each one. This helps you manage your time better, allowing you to get more done in less time. Also, the routine can reduce decision fatigue, freeing up your mind to concentrate on more important tasks. Improving internal health discipline and routine can have a positive impact on your internal health. When you have a structure in your life, you feel more in control and are less anxious. Also, the routine can help you establish healthy habits such as regular exercise, healthy eating, and getting enough sleep. These habits can ameliorate your overall well-being and reduce stress. Increases responsibility. When you follow a routine, you hold yourself responsible for your conduct. You have become more apprehensive about how you are spending your time and can identify areas where you need to improve. This can help you make positive changes in your life and achieve your goals. Provides a sense of accomplishment. Following a routine can also give you a sense of accomplishment. When you stick to your schedule and complete your tasks, you feel a sense of satisfaction and pride. This can motivate you to continue following your routine and seeking to achieve your pretensions. In conclusion, discipline and following a routine can have a significant impact on your life. It can give structure, boost productivity, ameliorate internal health, increase responsibility, and give a sense of accomplishment. So, if you are looking to transform your life for the better, start by establishing a daily routine and sticking to it. 

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Turning 20, Teenhood to Adulthood! You have arrived.

Dear Romharsh,

On your 20th birthday, I want to express just how much you mean to me. As a single mom, you have been the sole purpose of my life and the light that has kept me going through all the ups and downs. Watching you grow into the remarkable young man you are today has been the greatest joy of my life. You have always been my rock, my support system, and my reason for pushing forward even in the toughest of times. Your kindness, intelligence, and empathy have touched the hearts of everyone who knows you, and I am so proud to call you my son.

I want you to know that no matter where life takes you, I will always be here to support you and love you unconditionally. You are the world to me, Romharsh, and I am so grateful for the countless memories and moments we have shared together.

As you enter this new year of your life, I wish you all the happiness, success, and fulfillment that you deserve. May you continue to be a shining example of all that is good in this world, and may your dreams and aspirations become a reality.


Happy birthday, my dear son. I love you more than words can express.

Happy 20th birthday! As you celebrate this special milestone and step into the 21st, I want to take a moment to recognize just how unique and exceptional you are. You are not an ordinary teenager, but a remarkable and wise young adult with a deep understanding of the world around you. It is a rare gift to possess such intelligence, curiosity, and thoughtfulness at such a young age, and I am constantly amazed by your insights and perspective on life. Your dedication to learning and growing is an inspiration to those around you, and I have no doubt that you will continue to make a positive impact on the world.

As you embark on another year of your journey, I wish you all the happiness, success, and fulfillment that life can offer. May your passion for knowledge and your thirst for adventure lead you to new and exciting places, and may you continue to grow and thrive in all aspects of your life.

On this special day, I  honor you, Romharsh,

A modern-day Chanakya, wise beyond your years,

With a passion for history and mythology,

And a heart that beats with a love for all that’s near.

Your thirst for knowledge and your hunger for truth,

Are the guiding lights that lead you on your way,

And as you journey through life’s endless maze,

 You shine brighter with each passing day.

For you are destined for greatness, we can see it in your eyes,

A leader and a scholar, with a heart that’s pure and kind,

And as you continue on your path, with courage and with grace,

You will leave an indelible mark on all of humankind.

So on this special day, I celebrate you, Romharsh,

And all that you are, and all that you will be,

For you are a beacon of hope, a symbol of light,

And the next Chanakya of this era, for all the world to see.

Top of Form

Thank you for being such a wonderful son, and for all the joy and love you bring into our lives. Happy birthday, Romharsh!

Bottom of Form

With love and admiration,

Your Chiksy


Exploring the aesthetics and advantages of entrepreneurship.

Personally, I was not a business minded person from my childhood I was more in to accruing knowledge from where ever it was available my dad always used to say that “knowledge and education can never be useless”.

A person without any knowledge or education can be easily cheated and misguided this must one of the reasons my father gave me the advice when I was young, let’s keep this apart.

We believe that the biggest power a human being could have is freedom of choice, and entrepreneurship is all about our choice and our freedom now a day’s technology is at our fingertip we just need to use that and foresee the world from the needy people’s perspective to become a successful entrepreneur but doing something that is genuinely can benefit the human rays that can help achieve the aesthetics and advantages of entrepreneurship.

As entrepreneur is a person who bring a unique and innovating idea we all know this the beauty behind this key of life and happiness, every day we see a lot of people struggling with their life and there will be situations in every individual like where we saw such an incident and we could have helped them and we didn’t

well just take a moment and think of such an incident and what if? we would have helped them and the peace and the satisfaction we would have received will be amazing, the person who know the need of a human and finds such a unique idea that can resolve their problem this is nothing but entrepreneurship. Now let see this in business point of view the needy people it nothing but our market of revenue and we being the problem solver we just need to implement or product or service that can solve the problem of the needy people, with entrepreneurship, new markets for products, services, and technology can emerge. It opens up opportunities for wealth creation; higher earnings result in higher national income and tax receipts. It encourages creativity, independence, creates job opportunities and accomplishing what we have dreamt of this is what I believe happiness is we all need to work on our dream and live the life what we have dreamt of rather than being salved by someone when you have the knowledge and power to change people’s life like I said knowledge can never be useless. 



The power of purpose: why goal setting is crucial for achieving success in life

  1. Offers guidance

Objectives give you a sense of purpose, direction, and a place to go. Your goals inspire you to act and give you a clear path to follow each day in order to attain your goals. Setting goals allows you to identify what is most important to you and to define a schedule and metrics for goal achievement. Setting goals gives you a clear focus to improve your planning, decision-making, and time management.

  • Focus

Your time and efforts are clearly focused when you have goals. Setting objectives outline your intentions and aspirations for the direction you wish to take your life. Setting goals gives you a daily focus that enables you to produce better and quicker results. Objectives define your goals and aspirations for what is important to you. You risk losing focus if your objectives are not clear. Setting goals encourages daily action toward the things that are most important to you. A clear strategy and path to follow each day are provided by having goals, which removes distraction, overwhelm, and procrastination.

  • Improves Productivity

Objectives provide you with precise metrics and accomplishments to strive for every day, which boosts productivity. Setting goals enables the accomplishment of quantifiable improvement. You can monitor your daily, weekly, and monthly progress using the benchmarks and milestones your monthly, quarterly, and annual goals provide. Gives you clarity

Setting goals helps you to understand what matters to you most in life. Setting objectives helps you define the future you want for yourself and gives it timelines and metrics. You squander time on activities that prevent you from getting forward in life if you don’t have goals. When you have goals, your degree of clarity and motivation to move forward in life each day increases. Setting goals puts you in charge of your future and makes it simpler to take advantage of fresh chances. You can prioritize your time and energy by setting goals.

  • Inspires you

Your goals drive and encourage you to act each day. A framework for tracking your daily progress toward your goals is provided by measurable objectives. You won’t have a clear destination or be able to tell when you’ve arrived if there are no precise measurements. Making strides toward your goals generates enthusiasm, drive, and momentum. You are much more inspired to keep going when you realize how far you have gone toward achieving your objective.

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Sad Sunny Sunday

I woke up very early today but didn’t know what to do!

Yesterday I read about J K Rowling and I realised that she too was a Single Parent and she lived on Society Benefits till she became JK from Joanna.

But in my Country India, there is no such support too and hence many single moms are left helpless 

Serendipity is a beautiful expression and while I was scrolling through my feed I came across the name Transgender activist Shreegauri Sawant popularly known as Gauri Sawant who proudly plays the role of a single mother to Gayatri.

I kept wondering that she too is a single parent and so was JK Rowling, were their journeys easy, No not at all, so should I give up, no I will not yet is it easy, no it is Not.

Every day I find strength for myself and every day I break again, but how far will this continue? This has to stop and it’s not our fault that we are raising our kids alone, we didn’t choose it willingly unless that was the only choice we had.

What rights do we need, we are not asking you to give us special benefits or give us child support, if I could bear the pain of giving birth to a child I can raise my child but all we need is the right to live happily, let us raise our head high and live, stop judging us, you women there you should understand my pain cos we are same we both have a womb to bear a life but why is it that a single mom is always looked down upon by other women as if the only thing that we now seek is to steal their husbands,  Sorry but my reaction F… off, all we need is a friendly place to talk and gather strength to face the world so Stop judging us