There is More Tea in my veins, than blood !

I’m on a mission to transform the lives of women and help them become the best version of themselves!


Payalh Agarwwal is  an entrepreneur, who is a passionate innovator who loves to experiment with all life puts on my plate. And she really likes challenging her own existing targets and achievements.

She  has 22 years of diversified experience ranging from education, finance, marketing, brand management, business development, marketing strategy, and food and beverage industry and all this without any formal education , she never saw doors to any college and today at age 39 she is a proud single  mom to 18 year old teenager Romharsh.

Payalh is a speaker, invited at various forums today and a author too .Committed to ensuring highest level of customer service at all times, resolving complaints and issues efficiently and accurately. Highly motivated team leader with strong communication and people skills. 

The Persona of Will Power

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Entrepreneur’s Tea Startup

Your Story

With more than 100 different blends, this woman entrepreneur’s tea startup is clocking 2 crore annually

A Successful Restaurateur

Her Story

Payal Agarwal braves challenges, becomes a successful restaurateur in Siliguri

Brewing a vision

Hermoney Talks

If there is one thing that women in India can be pronounced guilty, they are not taught to dream.


A book is the best visiting card you can ever have!

But what if you wear many hats , this is who Payalh is hence she didn’t write one chapter only neither does she speak on one particular topic , she is a multifaceted women.

The same has always been portrayed in her writings and speaking skills 

She has been a speaker at different platforms where she has been challenged to speak on varied topics on multiple occasions.

She has co authored cook book for Masterchef , written for a Multilanguage magazine on varied topics like Food, Travel and Parenting .

She  has written a book on her son’s 13 years and now next in line is a book on TEA , which is to be launched soon 


Tea is a culture… It’s a lifestyle!

Bitten by the “TEA BUG” much earlier in my life. I think my passion for doing something in the space only grew stronger with time.

Payalh is an open minded Tea Preneur passionate about tea and is on a mission to create wonders with tea. She was born in Darjeeling and hence always says” I have more tea than blood in my veins “ 

Though she wasn’t born in a tea family and neither does she belong to a family of Tea Gardeners but her passion for tea is what made her take this leap of faith in the tea industry and today she proudly owns a tea brand CHAIOM, soon launching her tea academy ZIOB and he tea book in on the verge of launching soon .  All she has os  a great passion on Tea in her soul and with that she is walking on a journey writing her own Tea story.

My passion is to create awareness of the wide variety of the finest Indian teas and showcase Indian TEA and its taste and benefits around the world.


Born to be an Entrepreneur

Educationist /Restaurateur / Insurance

Some people are Entrepreneur by choice and some by birth by Payalh says she became an Entrepreneur by need .

Her philosophy in life was simple – Life gave her lemons and she made lemonade out of it . 

Born in a small village called Mungpoo in the districts of Darjeeling and with only High school education today Payalh is a serial entrepreneur since last 24 years .

She started her career as an Educationist and after winning applauds in that industry for 8 years she shifted to her calling in the food industry as a Restaurateur . That too she pursued for a. decade and after selling that venture she now is a proud Tea preneur 

But is that all? No

While she was living the duties of an Educationist and a Restaurateur she wanted to learn about Finance management since the key to success of every business is in the numbers , so simultaneously she pursued an Insurance Professionals journey for 5 years where she claimed fame at national and international levels .

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As I worked as the top five Indian players every year there was a compelling desire from within to start my own, the journey began with a restaurant in Siliguri that expanded from one to three places. More than a decade of business experience in the food industry spoke of my business acumen and my love of tea helped me find my first opportunity in the tea industry.

Growing up I read and listened to ancient legends depicting princesses as critical characters who needed to be saved by their prince, taught to cook food, take care of the family, and then get married. So, I got married at a very young age when I was in the 10th grade. Reading was not allowed for girls. So, I never went to college where I had to be a part of getting a job so the plate was empty so it could try out all the options available to modern generations.

My biggest fear is the fear of normal life. It’s a real fear of not living, of the end of my life but I’ve never really painted the colours in my full mind. Fear of not having stories to talk about and fear to lie on my death bed, and misuse of the gift of life. I’m afraid to be described for one job or one place. People always tell you to deal with your fears, but I have a hard time believing that this is a fear I have to put aside. This is the fear that motivates me and I hope it will stay here.”

The intensity of my boxing career begins as an educator and I have worked in the insurance industry. But my love of cooking gradually diverted me from my new job as a doctor.

After 18 years of diverse experience at my professional level at the Executive MBA at IIMB & ISB from mom to beverage industry, for fear of talking publicly with a bilingual author, without having to start a business to make two companies as a proud mother, round businessman, teacher academic, restaurateur, marketing specialist, public speaker and author.


 The moment of “Ha-Ha” in my life is how I found inspiration in Deepa Malik (Pa Olympic Champion) which inspires me to say “life does not stop, we have to keep going”.

After a good start and bringing good results to the organization I wanted more. My journey as a Tea-preneur started with Zolina Tranquilitea in April 2017. What has helped me to come out successfully and maintain my vision, marketing and collaboration skills and my driving make it great! While my love of tea and my deep understanding of the industry are gaining, I am loyal to the many who also work with me.

“I have never believed that a working life balance is possible, or that I can actually create a life that is both challenging and satisfying. When I started my career, I didn’t expect it to last forever – just a moment to see the world. But what I have found is that when I chose to honour my deepest desires, the world opened up to me in ways I never thought possible. I found true presence, met amazing people, and built a global network from following my feelings. I have gained so much from that courageous act 18 years ago, not the least of which is the ability to work where I want, when I want, to do as much as I want. It was a daunting task and a real loss of faith, but in hindsight, I could not change it.

This allows me to live a life where I can improve my environment and my day in a way that works well for me. I find that I am more efficient, more creative, and more efficient compared to the times I was in the office each day. It makes me happy to see how the future of the profession changes to give more women the opportunity to be able to work, too!”

women should know how it is possible for us to live according to circumstances. They all jump, chase their dreams and be able to find a way to make them fit the lifestyle they want. Whether you’re starting your own business, negotiating for years, or working 9-5, know that you may have the life you want. For that I am also going to be launching a training and coaching programme for women Entrepreneurs also invest in their business and handhold to next level. Let the women light a fire and finally take a leap and go wholeheartedly in pursuit of dreams.


Her Entrepreneurial Journey



(CHAI+OM) Om is the beginning of all and in India Chai is the be-all and does all. CHAIOM, the tea brand is Wisdom in a cup. CHAIOM means tradition, health and happiness. We believe to create an infusion of Indian culture into our teas – which are handpicked, sustainable and timeless. We take an approach of creating joy and refreshment into your life. Tea is a culture and we ensure every tea consumer has right to celebrate it with each sip.


MADHOM was founded in the year 2020, in Gurgaon (Haryana )with the motive of changing the perception of people “healthy is not tasty” and to enhance the wellness of people in our country. The company is owned by Ms. Payalh Agarwal who lives in Gurgaon. She is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry and Tea Industry. She is trying her best to ensure health and wellness reaches every house of our country. 


Zolina Institute of Beverage is Your Beverage Expert. We are a team of beverage experts with consolidated experience of 100+ years collaborating with a vision to provide high-quality beverage education to professionals and connoisseurs worldwide. liquid is the elixir of life and ZIOB is on a mission to give our customers an inspiring beverage experience from knowledge to purchase to sipping the health benefits.


Over the Two Dacades


Over the two decades, Payalh has been awarded a series of awards . She backed the awards for being amongst  the Top five in the Insurance sector for which she was awarded in countries like Taipei, South Africa , Singapore , Dubai and Paris 

When she entered the hospitality sector she was honored by the most daring woman award from the Governor of Sikkim and her story was covered in Your Story in 2015

and her  tea venture has also been backed by 9 Awards like Global Citizen Awards, Times of India’s Unlimited Rising Star, Wal-Mart Women Entrepreneur, P&G Women Entrepreneur and Indian MSME 100 Women Achiever awards along with recognition from people in the tea industry. I was also covered by media platforms like Global Citizen, women planet, Your Story, Inspiria, We connect women international, Her Story.

Through systems, she is able to effectively manage and guide her team and various specialty teams to service numerous clients, and routinely exceed their expectations. Her methodology leadership  and time management skills are the key to her success. 

Why is this unique? It is unique because she worked diligently to make a solid career out of being the tough guy. Yet every one of her employees will tell you that she looks for every opportunity to mentor them, at all levels in the company.
People who meet Payalh instantly feel her passion, energy, and that she is genuinely vested in their growth and success. It is evident that she truly wants to help business owners succeed, both established business and startups while she is carving her own success story 




My message for all is “Life I believe for all is a journey of ups and downs. I believe and I say that every closed door is an opportunity given by god to explore new doors else we become so complacent that we stop exploring” . Always keep trying not for success but to make the journey beautiful 

“The road is more beautiful than the destination hence the journey to succeed is more beautiful “


Payalh has an avid interest in travelling and exploring different cultures and uses this as an opportunity to imbibe new ideas and knowledge. She has travelled to various countries for business and tourism purpose.

Her solo trips to Europe and Australia are the special ones that she fondly remembers since they changed her as a person and gave her bigger vision in life .

Payalh believes that the best way to learn in life is through travelling 

She also loves to read and some of her favourite books include 7 Habits of Highly Effective People , The Code of the Extraordinary Mind , Ikigai and The 5 A.M Club 


Mother-Son Relationship: Why It Is Important And How It Evolves Over Years

If a man is too close to his mother, he could be labeled a mama’s boy, and if he is not close enough he might be judged for ignoring his mother’s love.

How can a mother decide how close or far she should be from her son? Here are some parameters.

Romy and Payalh share a relation of a friend more than mom and son. Payalh has documented all 13 years of Romharsh’s life in a book titled “Apple of my Eye “ when he turned 13 

As  mother as son, Romharsh has already written a book named the five balls of life at the age of 17 


Wine is a lifestyle. Some holidays are greater than others, Morrissey would say. Exclusive people seek exclusive experiences. museum on peak time, you can enjoy a winery at your own pace, let it grow on you, fall in love with it and being the kind of person that Payalh is, she has a great love for wines and her trips to Europe and Australia attracted her since both the countries have special wine selections and wineries.

A Wine Tour Experience is an exclusive, stress-free adventure and she travelled to Maribor to witness the oldest living Vine on earth 

Žametovka or Modra kavčina (Bleu de Cologne), confirmed at 400 years of age, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest vine in the world still producing fruit. The old vine was planted in Maribor at the end of the Middle Ages during the Turkish invasions.



Everyone has a memorable unforgettable moment in their life time and will cherish that moment as long as they live. I am one of those many with a memorable loving moment. I will never forget it and happy to share it with others. … That it even open my heart to be happy and always thankful.

“Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.” — Rose Kennedy

Our lives are comprised of thousands of moments stretched over a lifetime. A moment of achievement. One of failure. Of inspiration. Another of disappointment. They can be large or small. Life affirming, or even life changing. These moments ultimately serve as the impetus for the stories we write about ourselves and with others.

Reflecting on my work over the past 25 years, I’ve come to realize that it has been widely influenced by individual moments, (and by the notion of moments itself). Even if I didn’t realize it at the time, I have been given moments of opportunities that changed the course of my life. A smile or conversation here. A friend or job there. These moments have led me to connect with others and engage the world around me.

The only way we can relive those moments is by capturing them in Pictures and when I see back today I see how each moment has been a moment that shook me and changed me and every person in the image has been a mentor to me in my life.



Reinvent yourself today!